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Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Jurney: was an actress best known for her role as ‘Cat’ on the Nickelodeon show Victorious before being known to millions of pop music fans as the singer of ‘The Way.’ The young singer grew in the public eye and became a pop superstar. But it wasn’t long before fans noticed subtle changes in her appearance that might not be natural.

Before her plastic surgery, the singer had a different look for her acting role on the hit Nickelodeon show that helped her become famous. In this photo taken at a movie premiere in 2009, she looks strikingly different from the person who sang ‘Side to Side’ with Nicki Minaj.

While her tanning routine has never been explicitly detailing, the issue of the singer’s complexion has been the subject of much controversy over the years. She may be going to the beach, the solarium, or getting a tan.

Some fans on social media went so far as to accuse Grande of Italian-American descent of cultural appropriation. According to some, when Grande graced the cover of Vogue magazine in August 2019, her tan was so dark that some felt she was deliberately trying to look African-American.

While the ‘Into You’ singer has never publicly admitted to having had any procedures done, some have suggested that she did indeed undergo plastic surgery. While her original appearance continued through her teenage years, growing up on television allowed her fans to see how her appearance naturally evolved. Singer Ariana Grande underwent Rhinoplasty and possibly a lip filler and Botox treatment to define her features and overall face.

Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Ariana Grande has spoken openly about the rumors about possible plastic surgery procedures. She denied all allegations that she had had surgery. She stated that the difference in her appearance stemmed from puberty, as many people used a photo of herself as a 14-year-old for comparison purposes.

Although most of Ariana Grande’s followers argue that she hasn’t had surgery, some physical changes cannot achieve using just good makeup techniques. Currently, the singer has a slightly longer face, a more defined nose, and much fuller lips with a more rounded shape.

In addition to a mature look, the contours of her nose and lips have changed drastically, suggesting surgeries including lip fillers and Rhinoplasty. Some also claimed that Grande had breast implants. But this is very unlikely. Here is Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery journey:

  • Botox: Like every celebrity, Ariana Grande also gets Botox. This is a method that famous stars always resort to at some point in their lives! Botox saves lives from wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Nose job: While the singer’s nose looks puffier in her previous photos, her ‘Rhinoplasty’ photos reveal what nose job surgery can do. The new nose appears thinner, with a tiny tip pointing upwards. With the nostrils now open, they weren’t visible before.
  • Lip fillers: Sometime in 2017, it was reported that Grande received a procedure to make her lips appear fuller. Before 2017, her lips were thin, and her upper lip was slightly lighter than her lower lip. Her lips were much larger after 2017, so photographic evidence points to lip augmentation. Two types of lip fillers can use to enlarge your lips; these include synthetic sugar gels to transfer fat and give many pop stars a ‘trout’ look.

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