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Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Ashley Judd has devoted as much of her energies to humanitarian causes as she has to her acting career. A United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador since 2016, Judd has gained recognition for her activism on gender equality, particularly her advocacy for sexual and reproductive rights around the world. But feminism isn’t a label she has recently adopted. In 2003, Judd wore a T-shirt emblazoned with ‘This is what feminist looks like on the cover of Milliseconds.

Ashley Judd has drawn negative attention from fans due to her swollen face. After appearing on a Canadian talk show in April, media outlets claimed that Judd’s name had gone under the knife. Judd explained that the swelling on her face was a side effect of potent medications, including steroids, which she had been taking for more than a month to treat an illness. Thus, Judd denied that she had had plastic surgery. However, experts disagree with the famous star on this issue.

According to experts, Judd’s change is due to excessive Botox application. The unnatural result bears almost all its symptoms of it. For example, the famous star changed her expression according to her old lively presentation, and her eyes narrowed.

Also, Judd’s forehead muscles are clogged, and her eyelids are slightly droopy. The extreme arch of the eyebrows of the famous star is also striking. This erases the sweetness in her expression and gives her an overly severe indication, and deprives her of facial expression. This was because it blocked movement muscles and erased all expression wrinkles. Of course, Ashley Judd may have applied to many different plastic surgery procedures.

Ashley Judd’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Recently, actress Ashley Judd has been heavily criticized for allegedly abusing plastic surgery after appearing in public with a drastically changed face. However, the star actress went public to reveal the truth about her new look. Judd claims that the appearance of her face is mainly due to several steroid injections and not exercising properly for six months. Still, according to experts, the actress resorted to plastic surgery. Here is Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery journey:

Botox: According to experts, Ashley Judd preferred Botox. The famous star even said that she chose this procedure for migraine attacks. Although the renowned star denies that she is currently applying for plastic surgery, her photos say the opposite. Despite her age, the actor has no wrinkles on her face.

Facelift: Many surgeons also think the famous star probably resorted to a facelift. Judd’s skin looks very taut, which is typical for a facelift. Her eyes also appear small due to the high tension of the skin in the temple area.

Nose job: Fans say the famous star applied for a nose job. Although Judd denies this, her nose has changed a lot compared to before!

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