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A Hollywood smile is considered to be white and well-aligned teeth. It consists of a few treatments that correspond to your teeth. It allows the person to decide on the ideal shape, size, and color of veneers. Individuals are involved in the design of their smile through the use of color keys and model impressions. The Hollywood smile treatment includes that the color of the teeth should be bright and white, without other features such as stains or crack lines, the teeth should have little or no texture and insignificant or no transparency at the incisal edge, and the teeth should be symmetrical in size, shape, and length. There is agreement that a wide smile is more attractive. It should not have gaps or crowding between the teeth, and the teeth should be symmetrically aligned. For this treatment, the gum should also be symmetrical, have a bright pink color, and follow the contour of the teeth, and to achieve this, we also perform laser gum treatment.

Our dentists use a dental laser to reach and remove inflamed gum tissue around the tooth root. Once the infected tissue is gone, and the root is exposed, root scaling begins. The area between the gum and the root can then narrow and reattach for the duration of the healing process.

Hollywood Smile

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