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A gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery that aims to reduce food intake and help with weight loss. During a gastric bypass, the stomach is divided into two parts, with the upper part being smaller than the lower part. The upper part of the stomach is then directly connected to the small intestine, allowing food to bypass the section of the stomach that would normally flow to the small intestine.


This results in a reduction of food intake and decreased absorption of nutrients, leading to faster satiety. The gastric bypass can also have an impact on the body’s hormonal balance and affect the release of hormones that regulate appetite and satiety.

When is a gastric bypass recommended?

The gastric bypass is a surgical procedure and should only be considered as a last resort when other methods of weight loss have failed. It is important for individuals who are considering a gastric bypass operation to speak with their doctor to understand the procedure and decide if it is suitable for them.

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